Hong Kong Legal Cloud

The first cloud storage cum LawTech portal in Hong Kong for legal and dispute resolution professionals to enhance their efficiency and business opportunity.Integrated with state-of-the-art technologies, the 3 key features of the Legal Cloud Portal include: Legal Document Exchange, Hong Kong Research Platform and Machine & Human Translation services.

e-Signature Service

Allows signing of document online anywhere, anytime with any devices. Highly secured with the use of two-factor authentication & e-KYC identity verification technologies. The documents are data are tracked and protected at a secured environment by blockchain technology.

Video Conferencing System

Locally developed by eBRAM, the video conferencing system offers a secure and private virtual place for dispute resolution hearings and business meetings.

The system is equipped with features as real time e-transcription, document sharing and break-out rooms.

AI Machine Translation Service

Developed for translating legal documents between English and the following four languages: Chinese (Traditional & Simplified), Spanish, Arabic, and Russian via AI Machine Learning.