Online Mediation

Indicating its commitment to supporting the needs of mediation practitioners and the
Hong Kong community, eBRAM will be providing use of its Online Mediation Platform for free from now until 31 December 2023.

Parties to a dispute can use eBRAM’s Online Mediation Platform to settle their differences confidentially and in a speedy and harmonious way.
eBRAM has developed its Mediation Platform as a secure, user-friendly tool that assists in minimising the costs and logistical hurdles when resolving disputes.
Features include:
Dashboard – at-a-glance party information, case dates, status and financial information
File management system – search, organise and share case documents and correspondence
Video conferencing system – real-time transcription and translation, chat box messages, private messages and video recording
Built-in messaging system – safely message only the parties, mediator or other relevant individuals
Additional features – e-Signing (useful for settlement agreements), e-KYC (for hassle-free verification) and a cost calculator (for instantaneous estimates and cost management)
Security and privacy – bank-grade encryption for secure data storage and blockchain integration for tamper-resistance. The platform is fully compliant with GDPR, PIPL and the Hong Kong PDPO, and has fulfilled Privacy Impact Assessments and Security Risk Assessments to the satisfaction of an independent third party

Please contact eBRAM directly for more information regarding use of their Mediation Platform, guidance on understanding the mediation process or assistance with the appointment of a mediator. Email

New to online mediation?
How it works
1. Submit a Request for Mediation
2. Appoint a Mediator

3. Upload Your Documents and Submissions
4. Remote Mediation Session
5. Settlement Agreement

To commence mediation proceedings, you are required to submit a Request, which shall contain all the details set out in Article 5.1 of the eBRAM Mediation Rules, at eBRAM online case filing portal. If the parties are unable to agree on a mediator, eBRAM will appoint one, with relevant and direct experience, from its Panel of Mediators. In preparation for the mediation, the parties will upload all relevant documents onto the eBRAM Platform. All documents, including communications between the parties and the mediator will be stored securely and can be translated into other languages using the AI machine translation feature. Mediation sessions will be conducted by videoconference on the eBRAM Platform.The video-conferencing system, integrated into the platform, offers among others the following features:
• Private rooms for caucus
• Breakout rooms for each party
• Screen sharing
If a settlement agreement is reached during the mediation process, the parties may use eBRAM’s e-signing system to sign the agreement directly on the platform. Once signed by both parties, it becomes legally binding.