Using Online Dispute Resolution Platform for Mediation in Property Management Disputes

24 July 2023

eBRAM’s ODR Director, Jacob Sin conducted an informative presentation to the Chartered Institute of Housing Asian Pacific Branch on the benefits of online mediation to resolve property management disputes. The benefits of online mediation for property owners and tenants include:

➡️ Avoid further confrontation: In certain circumstances, mediating remotely may be more comfortable for certain parties
➡️ Convenience: Mediate from the comfort of your own office or home and reduce travel time (but optionally mediate at eBRAM’s physical facilities)
➡️ Cost-effective: Use of virtual break-out rooms which reduces the cost of hiring multiple rooms
➡️ Flexibility: Schedule and block calendar
➡️ Efficiency: Streamline the entire mediation process by communicating, sharing documents and reviewing relevant information in real-time

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