International delegates visit eBRAM

2-3 August 2023

As part of the Advanced Training Programme for Lawyers for Foreign-Related Legal Affairs and China – AALCO Exchange and Research Program on International Law, delegates learned of eBRAM’s all-in-one dispute resolution service.
➡️ Introduction to eBRAM International Online Dispute Resolution Centre Limited: An Institution and a LawTech Provider
➡️ Demonstration of LawTech services showcasing the ability to facilitate the resolution of disputes, reduce costs and improve accessibility.
➡️ Key component of ODR platform: Secured by design and bank-grade encryption capabilities enabled. 
➡️ eBRAM's APEC Rules bring to the table a combination of mediation and arbitration that is competitive in terms of fees and expedited in terms of procedure.

eBRAM representatives: Vice Chairman, Ronald Sum, JP, Chief Technology Officer, Albert Leung and ODR Director, Jacob Sin

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