eBRAM participates in the Dispute Resolution in the Digital Economy Forum: Asia and Beyond

8 November 2023

On 8 November 2023, the Chief Technology Officer of eBRAM, Mr Albert Leung, attended the 2023 Dispute Resolution in the Digital Economy Forum: Asia and Beyond, held by the UNCITRAL Secretariat and co-organised with the Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration (SCIA) and the South China International Arbitration Center (Hong Kong).

In the photo below, as one of the Keynote speakers, Ms Teresa Cheng, GBM, GBS, SC, JP, Co-Chairman of the Asian Academy of International Law, Adjunct Professor at Tsinghua University, and the former Secretary for Justice of Hong Kong introduced the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) as an integrated, end-to-end solution where the entire mediation or arbitration procedure is digitally supported, from submitting a claim, to exchange of documents and holding a hearing, to getting a settlement agreement or an arbitral award.

Ms Cheng elaborated that the ODR can be distinguished from merely Zoom plus email as the ODR contains the following features:

  • A central repository for all the information, communications, submissions, and evidence related to a particular case, so that such information is not easily mixed up with other emails;
  • An on-demand 24/7 video conferencing system integrated with machine transcription and translation so that there is no need to separately engage multiple service providers during a virtual hearing session;
  • Integration with other useful tools such as an online, real-time-editable procedural timetable, machine document translation capabilities, and e-signature functions.


Details of the event and the video recording can be found at the following link:


In the photo below from right to left:
Mr Huen Wong, SBS, BBS, JP, Executive Chairman and Council Member of the SCIA
Mr Albert Leung, Chief Technology Officer of eBRAM
Professor Shahla Ali, Associate Dean (International Affairs) and Director of LLM in Arbitration and Dispute Resolution at the University of Hong Kong
Mr Takashi Takashima, Legal Officer UNICITRAL

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