eBRAM has been listed as the first and only ODR provider from Hong Kong under the APEC Collaborative Framework for Online Dispute Resolution of Cross-Border Business-to-Business Disputes

16 May 2022

(Hong Kong, 16 May 2022) eBRAM International Online Dispute Resolution Centre (“eBRAM”) is pleased to be listed as the first and only Online Dispute Resolution (“ODR”) provider from Hong Kong by the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (“APEC”) under the APEC Collaborative Framework for ODR of Cross-Border Business-to-Business Disputes (“the Framework”).
The listing marks the beginning for businesses in the APEC economies to use eBRAM’s APEC ODR Platform (“Platform”) to resolve cross-border business-to-business disputes. The Platform is tailor-made to address the pain points of cross-border disputes specifically micro, small and medium sized enterprises (“MSMEs”) with disputes stemming from cross-border business-to-business transactions. There will be no claim amount limitation if the parties agree to apply the eBRAM APEC ODR Rules (“the Rules”).
The Platform is equipped with a range of advanced technologies, including a highly secured video conferencing system, e-Signature service, blockchain, e-KYC and multi-factor identity authentication, and an AI machine Translation, aiming to offer an online 3-stage ODR procedure in a secure and user-friendly environment for streamlined e-negotiation, e-mediation and e-arbitration at very competitive prices. 
The Secretary for Justice, Ms Teresa Cheng, SC said, “I am pleased that eBRAM has been listed as one of the service providers under the Framework. The listing is a big leap forward for Hong Kong’s ODR development as a leading dispute resolution hub in the region and also demonstrated Hong Kong’s capacity in LawTech development.”
Dr Thomas So, Chairman of eBRAM, said, “eBRAM is excited and honored to be listed as the only APEC ODR service provider from Hong Kong. The listing not only recognised eBRAM’s ODR service and took it to the regional dispute resolution stage. We look forward to the launch of the platform next week to provide a new option for cross-border commercial disputes resolution to APEC businesses with our holistic LawTech services.”
The Platform is currently in pilot run and will officially be launched around the end of May. For more information, please refer to the designated webpage (https://ebram.org/apec_odr.html).  eBRAM has been offering free trial of various LawTech services to interested parties via its official website since March.
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About eBRAM
eBRAM International Online Dispute Resolution Centre Limited (“eBRAM”) tasks itself to elevate Hong Kong’s arbitration and mediation services and build capacity to meet the rapidly expanding demand for online dispute resolution and deal-making services across the borders by utilising innovative technologies to enable the city to become a LawTech centre and hub for international business dispute avoidance and resolution and collaborate with global organisations and participating economies such as the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Belt-and-Road countries and beyond.

eBRAM has developed its platform leveraging the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud and soft robotics. Cybersecurity and data privacy are our top priorities to ensure the protection of information in the eBRAM platform and communications.
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