eBRAM launches the first Hong Kong Legal Cloud Portal to assist legal professionals in navigating the digital new normal

28 February 2022

(Hong Kong, 28 February 2022) eBRAM International Online Dispute Resolution Centre Limited (“eBRAM”) will launch the first Hong Kong Legal Cloud Portal (“the Portal”) on 1 March 2022.  Jointly built by lawyers and IT specialists, the Portal meets the unique needs of legal and dispute resolution professionals, to enhance their efficiency by empowering individual professionals with affordable, advanced and secure data storage and Cloud-based online LawTech services, including highly volume Cloud based Extranet and document exchange storing only in servers in Hong Kong with high level of security, legal research placing the power of LexisNexis at your fingertips, and Artificial Intelligence backed translation that is trained with legal domain specific wordings and the system is capable of learning and improving over time with your help.  
The Department of Justice will subsidise eligible local legal and dispute resolution professionals to subscribe to the Portal for free for up to three years (“Free Subscription”). A subscriber in Hong Kong, who falls within either of the following categories, may apply for Free Subscription:
  • a solicitor admitted in Hong Kong or any one of the recognized jurisdictions as stipulated under section 2A and Schedule 2 of the Legal Officers Ordinance (Cap. 87);
  • a barrister who has attained the right to full practice in Hong Kong or any one of the recognized jurisdictions as stipulated under section 2A and Schedule 2 of the Legal Officers Ordinance (Cap. 87);
  • a mediator accredited by the Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association Limited; or
  • a fellow or chartered arbitrator of the Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators or the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (East Asia Branch).
Upon the launch, the Portal is already equipped with 3 key features, including secure Legal Document Exchange for sharing protected legal documents, a comprehensive Hong Kong Research Platform for facilitating legal research, as well as Machine & Human Translation Services for translating legal documents between English and the following four languages:  Chinese (in traditional and simplified characters), Russia, Arabic, and Spanish via AI Machine Learning with the option of professional human translator to edit and refine the translation.

The Secretary of Justice, Ms Teresa Cheng, SC, said that the launch of the Hong Kong Legal Cloud Portal marked a key milestone for the LawTech development of Hong Kong as an international legal hub. She was pleased to support this project which would help legal and dispute resolution communities, particularly those with fewer resources, to harness the power of technologies to navigate this digital new normal.

Dr Thomas So, Chairman of eBRAM, said, “eBRAM is very pleased to have developed and now launches the first Hong Kong Legal Cloud Portal with the support of the Hong Kong Government.  It helps the legal and dispute resolution professionals seize more opportunities by saving their time and cost from traditional practices and enhancing agility in business development.  As the forerunner of Hong Kong’s LawTech development, we will continue our efforts to respond to the national policies to utilise technologies as an impetus to upgrade the productivity of the legal profession and strengthen Hong Kong’s position as an international legal and dispute resolution centre.”
Mr Nick Chan, Chairman of eBRAM’s Legal Cloud Working Group remarked that, “the eBRAM Legal Cloud Portal utilizes AI, blockchain and Cloud to help improve access to justice, and to speed up technology adoption in our legal profession.  We welcome collaboration with Startups and innovative companies interested to create value and improve access to justice via LawTech”.
A designated website has been created for the Hong Kong Legal Cloud Portal (https://hklegalcloud.ebram.org/) to serve the legal and dispute resolution communities.  In addition, eBRAM plans to introduce the APEC ODR platform, a deal-making platform and more LawTech services within the year.
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About eBRAM
eBRAM International Online Dispute Resolution Centre Limited (“eBRAM”) tasks itself to elevate Hong Kong’s arbitration and mediation services and build capacity to meet the rapidly expanding demand for online dispute resolution and deal-making services across the borders by utilising innovative technologies to enable the city to become a LawTech centre and hub for international business dispute avoidance and resolution and collaborate with global organisations and participating economies such as the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Belt-and-Road countries and beyond.

eBRAM has developed its platform leveraging the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud and soft robotics. Cybersecurity and data privacy are our top priorities to ensure the protection of information in the eBRAM platform and communications.

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